"Saxifraga Capsule" by DOLOMITE

Saxifraga Capsule / DOLOMITE

In the rocky embrace of the Alps, Saxifraga blooms, symbolizing nature's resilience.

Inspired by the flower's tenacity, DOLOMITE presents their first exclusive capsule — a seamless fusion of footwear and apparel that breaks conventional boundaries while channeling the brand's unwavering commitment to quality and cutting-edge design research.

Join us in a journey that boldy explores a new way of interpreting the great outdoors.





The Collection

The Saxifraga Capsule Collection emerged through a dynamic collaboration with the design studios Temp Studio and Rayon Vert. This collaboration not only brought the collection to life, but also infused it with innovative design, embodying the spirit of creativity and craftsmanship.



Unique to the rocky expanse of the Alps, the Saxifraga has an extraordinary ability to flourish in the midst of challenging terrain. Its Latin name, Saxifraga, eloquently symbolises its ability to break through rock - a characteristic that inspired the creation of this capsule.


The creation of the Saxifraga Capsule Collection is the result of a vibrant partnership with design studios Temp Studio and Rayon Vert.
Rayon Vert® is an European design agency specializing in outdoor clothing, born from the desire to create tools and share knowledge with like-minded individuals involved in field-tested designs.
Temp Studio is a graphic design studio involved in a wide range of projects, including visual identities, creative direction for brands and digital identities.


Dawn or dusk?

Dualism defines the language of this collection. Seize your moment and select your shades.


Dawn is a new beginning, when the nature awakens and colours come out and play.

Saxifraga Capsule by DOLOMITE
DOLOMITE "Nibelia Saxifraga GTX"
DOLOMITE "Nibelia Saxifraga GTX"

Dusk is the time when you can feel things deeply, but only if you allow yourself to go there.

Saxifraga Capsule by DOLOMITE
DOLOMITE "Nibelia Saxifraga GTX"
DOLOMITE "Nibelia Saxifraga GTX"